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God's First Ambassadors

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…Just kidding!

This story begins about two weeks ago on my commute home from work. It was Saturday, and I’d been called in to work for whatever it is that we get called into work for on Saturdays, and I was finally on my way home. I was sad that part of my weekend had been wasted away from my family, but excited I was headed home to see them.

I remember walking through the front door and as always, the squeals and yells "Daddy, Daddy, DADDYYYYY!!!" filled the air.

It’s always overwhelming, but I did what I always do and gave them hugs and kisses, a miscellaneous high-five making it in there as usual.

I was tired, and by then just wanted to shuck my uniform. I remember my son following me to my room while trying to explain his attempt at making a scooter (or some-such) utilizing a two-by-four and a skateboard truck he’d found somewhere.

He was so excited, and I ruined it.