Heat of Chrit Ministres Peru


We operate a children's after school program in a small hill side community just outside of Downtown Lima, Peru called Caja De Agua. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we meet with a group of children to share the Gospel with them and to teach them God's Word. We offer these kids a safe refuge in a dangerous area of Lima, Peru where they can safely learn and be loved. Most of these kids come from broken homes where they are neglected. For a couple of hours a day they are able to enter our building and be safe from the dangers that surround this community.  We also offer a child sponsorship program for the children who regularly participate in our program. For $25 a sponsor is able to provide food, clothing, school supplies

Who We Are

In 2010, I, (TJ) moved to Lima, Peru to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and to open a children's center in a small hillside community. By the grace of God I have been here ever since. I met my wife and married her about one year after moving here and nine months later we had a beautiful baby girl. I still operate a children's center in the same hillside community where I started in 2010. I meet with the children a few days a week to teach them what the Bible reveals to us about God and His Son Jesus Christ. We live about twenty five minutes from the ministry in Canto Grande. We fellowship at Iglesia Del Salvador (The Church Of The Savior) a Baptist Church in Barranco which is a district of Lima. We are simple people and enjoy working in the ministry. We are funded by friends and strangers who believe in what we are doing. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us? Connect with me on Facebook here



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By shopping with MissionMerch you are embracing, equipping and empowering the women and children we serve. Purchasing our products gives job training and jobs, It provides education for children and women, medical care and more. It gives hope and sustainability! 100% of product sales go to support missionaries, rescued women and children and ministries serving them locally and internationally. Purchase with purpose.

Organizations we support include:

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Nolan Windholtz Ministries is a non-denominational Ministry. Specifically called to serve the Body of Christ and reach the lost. Unique in character, distinctively Christian. "Until Christ is formed in you.

Round Tree Pottery founder and President at The Nissi Project, Nolan Windholtz, has been a minister of the gospel for 30 years. Round Tree Pottery, which got its start in 1999, was once distributed in over 400 galleries and fine craft shops throughout America. Presently only about 60 stores still carry Nolan's work. America's most collected clay artist. Connect with him here on Facebook.

Who I am

I am the president of Nolans Pottershouse Ministry and The Nissi Project, ministries that have taken on all aspects of Kingdom life in Uganda. From Orphanage/School for orphans and disadvantaged children. Agriculture. Vocational equipping and training at Gnuine Jinja Restaurant and Pottery. While maintaining a strong evangelistic outreach in all areas of Uganda and other places around the world but mostly in Uganda.