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Where does my help come from?

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! –1 John 3:1

I woke many morning’s this past week with the Casting Crowns song in my head “Praise you in the Storm”

“I lift my eyes unto the hills Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord The Maker of Heaven and Earth”

It has been a great pleasure to be able to have those lyrics in my head while I went about my early morning preparations for either work or church functions. You see for me not having a father around in my life left a significant void that had an effect on my spiritual life that is profound. That is what I want to share with myself and the rest of you. Our relationship with our fathers or the lack thereof, is most often reflective of how we relate to our heavenly father.

I want to explain further. For me I met my father once when I was twelve and thus had no real interactions with him otherwise. This is now directly proportional to how I relate to God. I always knew that my father was there but he was never there to help or assist on anything in my life. I could not even call him when I had matters to discuss in my life. When I needed instruction or just a wise person to talk to I could not go to him.

Fast forward to my life now and how I navigate having both a father here on Earth as well as one in Heaven. My issues with my Earthly father have overflowed into my relationship with my Heavenly father. Let me explain further, when I would need fatherly advice with life issues I would often cry and complain that I had no one to turn to. But that would also correlate to how I interact with God if I do not keep it in check. I have to constantly remind myself of the words to the Casting Crowns song. He is now my example, my role model in life. I must remind myself in the middle of the storm that I do now have help in all things. I know not all of us have problems like the ones stated above but we could all use the assessment below.

I have a few takeaways that I believe we should all check:

1. Asses your parental relationships and how they affect your relationship with God.

2. Take action – Pray to God for deliverance from this way of interaction with Him

3. Always remember the results of this assessment so that you can be aware of how you are reacting to situations that arise in life

Father, I pray for Catalyst church and all who read this blog post. I pray that we can mend our relationship with you in light of the problems we face in all relationships on this Earth. I pray for reconciliation in families and redeemed marriages. Father we need you now more than ever as our role model. I pray we can dig deeper into our family of origin and the problems that follow us because of it and ask you for those issues to be resolved. I pray that we can lean on you through everything. My help comes from you, the creator of heaven and earth. Amen!!

WIshing you all a Happy New Year!

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